Trend Jacker

Trend Jacker…  The complete insider’s guide to predicting highly profitable hot trends! Trend Jacker is causing shockwaves amongst the elite band of top internet gurus who have already discovered the tremendous value of being able to predict future hot marketing trends and have been quietly ...Read the rest

Solo Ad Fastlane

Solo Ads Fastlane…  The complete insiders success guide to the solo ads traffic powerhouse! Solo Ads Fastlane covers every aspect of using solo ads in a highly effective way. It lifts the hood on solo ads, secrets that – until now – have only been ...Read the rest

Social Bookmarking Fastlane

Social Bookmarking Fastlane.  The simple step-by-step master plan to create a steady stream of social bookmarking traffic…  Inside this breakthrough program I show you every single hard fought for tip and insider shortcut I’ve discovered that will empower you to become a bookmarking black belt ...Read the rest

Podcast Fastlane

Podcast Fastlane is a breakthrough, paint by numbers guide which will get you up to speed with every facet of dynamic podcasting. It pulls back the curtain and removes any mystery, giving you everything you need to start launching your own competition-crushing podcasts as fast ...Read the rest

Adwords Fastlane

Adwords Fastlane is a groundbreaking blueprint covering every aspect of effective online paid advertising. It rips the lid right off pay per click advertising, revealing the secrets that – until now – have only been taught in private at highly expensive training sessions or whispered ...Read the rest

Google Plus Fastlane

Google Plus Fastlane is the easy to use detailed blueprint that reveals exactly how to use Google Plus to maximum advantage in your business. The range of high quality tools Google puts at your disposal is truly breathtaking and this groundbreaking program will make sure ...Read the rest

Twitter Profits Fastlane

Twitter Profits Fastlane reveals how to bullet-proof your business by harnessing the power of Twitter, transforming your website into a profit powerhouse with live leads coming in 24/7, eager to find out more about you and what you have to offer… joining your mailing list… following ...Read the rest

Pinterest Profits Fastlane

I’m sure you’re smart enough to realize traffic is the rocket fuel that powers your business. And this exciting bag of tricks contains everything you need to know to become a Pinterest Wizard, within hours of receiving your copy of the training program. So, whether ...Read the rest

StumbleUpon Traffic Fastlane

StumbeUpon Traffic Fastlane:  This complete StumbleUpon expose is crammed with all the insider secrets you need to create an irresistible profile and quickly become the ‘go to’ gal or guy that sets you head and shoulders above the rest as the leading authority in your group.   ...Read the rest

Video Profits Fastlane

Video Profits Fastlane:  Step by step blueprint showing exactly how to use the online video phenomenon to your full advantage and claim your share of the current online video bonanza… This insider’s shortcut guide is crammed with every tip and trick you need to get your ...Read the rest

Mobile Profits Fastlane

Mobile Profits Fastlane:   Up-to-the-minute cutting-edge, as simple as ABC, plan that reveals exactly how to start multiply your traffic fast by reaching out to this parallel market few of your rivals even know exists… You get everything laid bare – all the details you need to ...Read the rest

Kindle Fastlane

Kindle Fastlane:  This step-by-step blueprint showing exactly how Simon, Amanda Hocking and others have been able to build super-profitable self-publishing businesses under the safety of Amazon’s umbrella and how you too can now claim your share of this gold rush… |  

LinkedIn Fastlane Book

LinkedIn Fastlane:  This cutting edge manual will help you zoom straight to LinkedIn gold, lightening fast, by handing you a complete A Z guide, carefully designed in a ‘paint by numbers’ style for fast, easy action. Despite LinkedIn being a relative minnow, with ‘only’ around ...Read the rest

Facebook Fastlane

FB FastLane is the must-have manual, every internet marketer intent on making serious money from FaceBook needs…  This breakthrough blueprint takes you by the hand and ushers you safely through the Facebook marketing graveyard, past headstones carved with ‘Couldn’t get any traffic from Facebook’ and ...Read the rest

Outsourced Profits

Outsourced Profits is the way that elite super-rich band of top internet marketers have been able to create their fortunes. Now it’s YOUR TURN to share in this bonanza… This breakthrough guide is a treasure trove of world-wide experts who between them possess every skill ...Read the rest