Joint Venture Requirements To Do
Business With Hodgkinson Publishing

Note:  Hodgkinson Publishing generally work on a 8 – 12 week advance planning schedule for external promotions.  If you have a launch ‘tomorrow’ or ‘next week’ we cannot promote it.

Hodgkinson Publishing is very selective in the types of offer we promote or endorse to our visitors, members and subscribers and we would ask you to review the products and services we provide to ensure your offer is complimentary in nature before submitting a joint venture request.  If you have a competitive product to something we already offer that does not mean we will not promote it – if it’s better or offers alternative features to something we already offer for sale we are still happy to talk as our ultimate goal is to provide best solutions for our customers.

Be aware that we have worked very hard for many years to build our business and mailing lists up to where they are now.  We have some of the most loyal readers online because we look out for them and at all times place their interests above our own whenever we promote or endorse a new product.  We protect that reputation fiercely.

If we see that your product or service will benefit our customers, if we trust you and we have openings in our schedule, then we’re happy to talk.

To save us all time and to guarantee that we we look at / review your product for possible promotion we ask you first to meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • You have supported Hodgkinson Publishing launches or promoted our products with good results within the last 6 months. Note: “Support” means you did your best to send us qualified visitors and were able to generate sales of our products through your affiliate link. If you are new, have a small list and managed a small number of sales this is fine also, level of comitment is what counts. “Support” does not mean you sent a few hundred clicks simply get your foot in the door. (We keep records and can easily see who genuinely makes an effort).
  • You have never been sued by your customers, affiliates or been investigated & found guilty by authorities for bad business practices. A quick Google search on most business or individual’s name nowadays will usually reveal enough information for us to see this for ourselves. We’ve seen some big names go down in flames over the years because they thought they could get away with cheating their customers or their affiliates for short term gain. If you fall into this category we have no interest in working with you.
  • Your affiliate program must be on or or your business must have a SOLID track record of paying affiliates in a timely fashion. We want to feel comfortable in the knowledge we will be paid and importantly that customers we send you will not encounter difficulties should they seek a refund or wish to cancel an ongoing subscription. Note: We will only promote ClickBank products were solid metric (including refund %) data is provided in advance.
  • Your product must be solid, be worth what you are charging and do what both you and your copy says it will do. Seriously, if it’s a software it had better work properly. (We understand bugs and issues can come up with even the best software, so as long as we know you take care of things right away that do come up that is fine). If it’s an ebook, software, training course or coaching program, it had better be worth the money you are charging. We’ve seen too many $2,000+ price point products that are only sold at that price so the vendor can offer a high level of commission. Anyone who we feel is overcharging and under delivering to their customers will not be promoted.
  • Using ‘deceitful’, ambiguous or misleading marketing tactics on your sales pages or in your sales funnel. This includes blind copy – for example if you’re only talking on your sales page about how much money you made and how much money people can make using your “magic button” but make no mention of what your product actually is we will automatically make the assumption you are selling an “Empty Box” and we will not consider promoting.

    Please note: the same goes for fake income shots or income claims made about your software or training that we know to be untrue. For example: The income shown in your screenshots is from a previous product launch and not really generated as a result of you actually using your system or software… We are not stupid, we know people don’t make $1M in 10 days from free traffic without doing anything except clicking their mouse 3 times –

  •  Hidden forced continuity. We actively seek out products that generate residual commissions, however only if it is CRYSTAL clear to the customer on the sales page and order form that they will be rebilled. We ask that a minimum customers are shown when they will be rebilled and how much they will be rebilled for how long. Selling a subscription service and being clear about it upfront is essential.

    Using an upsell tick box to a contitnuity program that a customer can untick during the order process is fine. It’s all about choice. However using a pre-checked box the customer CANNOT un-check as a forced upsell from the main product they are buying is NOT fine, that’s forced continuity and our readers, visitors and members do not like it. (or even worse, ‘hidden forced continuity’ where a customer is mysteriously rebilled at a later date with absolutely no mention of that during the sales process.)

  • To help us determine if your product is a good fit for promotion or endorsement we need full access to all elements of your offer – provide access information with any submission along with a breakdown of commissions, bonuses and anticipated run dates so that we have a full picture and do not need to refer back to you for additional info. (refrain from hype – just the detail and facts please)

  •  If your product is already selling please provide metrics – or test traffic metrics if it is not yet publicly available

  • Sorry we do not participate in Adswaps, Ad/Banner Exchange programs, Give-Aways or Competition based promotions.

Why We Have Decided To Publish This Information:

We’ve seen a lot and we’ve ‘been around the block’ a few times, nothing much shocks us, however 2010-2014 saw way too many issues and practices that we view as detrimental to our industry, the marketplace and to legitimate vendors.

During 2014 we witnessed pretty much a new product launch everyday of the week, every month for the whole year. On occasion we’ve seen as many as 6 products launching on the same date.  We’re talking both ends of the spectrum here, from low end, low quality, dubiously pitched offers all the way up to high-end $1k – $10k products from marketers who over charged for training simply so their ‘friends’ promote for easy pay days from duped customers.

We were asked to promote over 250 legitimate launches during 2014. (And perhaps the same again that weren’t even worthy of consideration)  Our time is valuable, as is the time of our readers and members, so if we decide to spend it reviewing products we need to know first and foremost if they are actually worthy of that time.  Hopefully the above list will weed out the ones that aren’t going to make the cut.

This is not an excercise on positioning, we are posting this because we CARE about our members, subscribers & customers.  Without our customers, we’d have no business, and we plan to be here for the long run.  Business is not just about how much money you can make right now without thought for how it is made.  Partnership with other businesses don’t work if one party has as a goal to ride off into the sunset leaving a trail of wreckage behind.

So if you’re with us on this and you’d like us to take a look at your next product launch, and you meet ALL of the above requirements then feel free to hit our help desk at: with the subject: ‘Joint Venture Request”