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  • Kaweco sport skyline ballpen white


  • Blackwing Long Point Sharpener


    TOOLS WITH HERITAGE – First created in the 1930's, Blackwing built a cult following that included John Steinbeck and Chuck Jones, who proudly used Blackwings to create Bugs Bunny and many other Looney Tunes characters. Discontinued in the 90's, we revived the Blackwing brand in 2010 for a new generation of writers, musicians, and others seeking a more natural existence.
    TWO STEP SHARPENING PROCESS – Our unique pencil sharpener uses a revolutionary two-step sharpening process for a better point. The Blackwing Long Point Pencil Sharpener does this by sharpening the wood first and then the graphite core to make a long, fine point that resists breakage.
    AUTOMATIC BRAKES – Every sharpener comes with two replacement blades and an automatic brake that prevents over-sharpening so that your Blackwing pencils last longer.

  • Delfonics wooden 0.5mm mechanical pencil mini[black]AP02 BK


    Delfonics wooden mechanical pencil mini
    Size:4.88 inches

Showing all 3 results